Rumors from Edge to Edge

  • There have been several unexplained deaths (all lone Jenzig) within the last few months. The Jenzig of the capital are even more testy than usual.
  • A shenava among the J'morvi leapt to his death(?) from the "Dragon Perch Pub", but no one from his shek p'var will confirm or deny these allegations.
  • The word is that the haughty Jenzig are plotting to overthrow the current government in favor of a magocracy.
  • Some local rabble are trying to spread the awareness that the eldest princess is an imposter, yet no proof can be shown.
  • Reports are coming in that the eastern zun movement is nearing the Fallas region. Travellers are advised to take precautions, as the zun may be employing aerial toxins.
  • According to a song written by Withendail Moonshae, zombies have been seen in the local area on numerous occasions. Withendail, who was well-known for his civic responsibility, was spreading the word via his rhyme and has since vanished without a trace.
  • A local lord, Lord Gildron was murdered during his own wedding. Suspicion surrounds his son.
  • A Jenzig flame struck out against a renegade Jenzig shek p'var, all those helping the outlaw met the same fate.
Whole Plate
  • Odivshe are warring once again, be wary of those who avoid settled territories in favor of isolation.
  • By royal decree, captured zun are transformed into a productive work force. Some say that not all the workers are former sub-humans.
  • Scholars speculate that there are New Melderyni citizen's helping/teaching the zun. The basis for these conclusions is the fact that many zun tribes have taken to worshipping Agrik, a non-zun deity.
  • Scouts from the eastern wilds report that the zun are amassing in preparation for an invasion.
  • Reports say that a strange coma-like disease seems to be affecting small isolated villages. The disease seems to infect an area (not individual people), but everyone within the area suffers the disease and those who cannot get out in time are affected.
  • Adventurers claim that the Zun are perfecting their psychoportation abilities for the next New Melderyni assault. These brave souls refuse to divulge their source of this information, but insist that it is true to any and all who will listen (and some that won't).
  • A madman nomad claims to know the whereabouts of a portal to a parallel dimension somewhere in the eastern wilds. Savoryan mind probes have proved futile since the man is clinically insane (or so the official report says).
  • Miners, architects, jewelers, warriors, metalsmiths, and other tradesmen are up and leaving their jobs and wandering off into the woods without a word. The Larani guards claim to be too busy to follow people who obviously want to be left alone.