New Melderyni
Government Wages

The following chart shows a cross-sampling of the monthly earnings of the various posts in the kingdom of New Melderyn. These charts are to help keep the coin value in prospective.


The department of the chamber is primarily responsible for the day to day operation of the royal household, and has immense power because of the control the Chamberlain has over access to the Queen.

Lord High Chamberlain (960d)
Chief Clerk of the Chamber (240d)
Chamber Clerks (96d)
Lord Master Herald (360d)
Royal Heralds (140d)
Pages in Training
Royal Physician (240d)
Duty Physicians (148d)
Seneshal of the Chamber (420d)
The Royal Chief (200d)
Kitchen Serfs (9d)
Master of the Cellars (148d)
Foodtaster (48d)
Chamber Serfs (18d)
Master of the Esoteric Arts (500d)
Journeymen (60d)
Alchemist Royal (240d)
Journeymen (60d)
The King's Fool (84d)
Chief Bard of the Chamber (240d)
Musicians/Harpers (72d)


The Chancellor is responsible for the general government and judiciary system of the kingdom as a whole. Civil officials, including aldermen of towns, usually report to him. He also presides over the Chancery Court, which is the highest below the queen herself.

The Judge Advocate may be thought of as an Attorney-General.

The Inquistor General is the chief crown prosecutor.

The Lord Privy Seal keeps the great seal of New Melderyn and acts as a private secretary for the queen.

Chancellor of New Melderyn (960d)
Lord Privy Seal (600d)
Chief Clerk Chancery (120d)
Clerks (84d)
Keeper of Rolls (120d)
Inquisitor General (420d)
Royal Agents (72d)
Lord Warden of Biridazime (360d)
Aldermen (180d)
Lord Warden of Shezar (360d)
Aldermen (180d)
Lord Warden of Thalspar (360d)
Aldermen (180d)
Lord Warden of Tychuss (360d)
Aldermen (180d)


The Exchequer Royal is the chief financial officer of New Melderyn. His responsibilities include the collection of royal revenues (through the sheriffs) from the provinces and towns. He is also responsible for the inspection of goods imported to New Melderyn, and the shipment of exports to Kethira. He also presides over the royal mint and advises the queen on budgetary matters.

Exchequer Royal of New Melderyn (960d)
Treasurer of the Exchequer (480d)
Governor Royal Mint (300d)
Royal Assayist (180d)
Royal Engravers (120d)
Collector General (200d)
Tax Collectors (72d)
Chief Clerk of the Exchequer (300d)
Exchequer Clerks (96d)
Toll Collectors (48d)
Inspector of Public Works (240d)
Lord Architect (300d)
Royal Masons (148d)
Inspector General of Tariffs (300d)
Tariff Clerks (96d)
Tariff Collectors (60d)

Lord Marshal of New Melderyn (840d)
Army Commander
Unit Commander
Military Unit
Inspector General of the Army (480d)


Responsible for the protection of the royal household, this small but elite force is commanded by the Marshal of the Household. There is a High Guard comprised of 4 companies (20 men each) of knights bachelor, supplemented from time to time. The Low Guard, the closest thing to a standing army, is a permanent military force of eight companies of men-at-arms. The guard travel with the queen, guard the city, and are sometime detached for special duties. One company of the Low Guard can be regarded as the New Melderyni "secret service", who often visit other parts of the plateau. The priesthood of Larani encourages its priests to become members of the Low Guard to further promote the Law, which is endorsed by the queen.

Marshal of the Royal Guard (720d)
Captain of the High Guard (420d)
Knight Commanders High Guard (360d)
Knights (320d)
Captain of the Low Guard (240d)
Sergeants Low Guard (84d)
Men-at-Arms (60d)
Master of Squires (324d)
Squires in Training
Master of the Hunt (120d)
Falconer Royal (84d)
Master of Hounds (72d)
Royal Weaponcrafter (240d)
Journeymen (120d)
Royal Ostler (180d)
Journeymen (96d)

Lord High Sheriffs (720d)
Constables of Keeps/Castles (600d)
Permanent Household
Foresters Royal of Hundreds (480d)
Royal Foresters (84d)
Baliffs of the Hundreds (300d)
Baliffs of Royal Manors
Moot Clerks (84d)