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I normally run my system on a 16-bit (512 color) 1024x768 resolution screen, but with AmigaOS3.9 it insists that I use 64,000 colors. I keep my workbench simple with default Opus background and MagicWB icons. My system has 4 serial ports & 4 parallel ports (Standard A2000 has 1 SER & 1 PAR, Combo card has 1 SER & 1 PAR, & MFCIII Card has 2 SER & 2 PAR ports). I use these ports for DCTV, Digital Sound Studio, Modem, NULL-Modem connection, etc. It is nice to have multiple ports and never have to swap them around.

I must be like the king of recycling old unwanted computer components. I realize that none of my CD-Roms are nearly as fast as most other people's, but I don't need the speed. I don't have hoards of CDs, so by having 4 CD Rom drives running I increase the amount of files I continually have access to. I still have a few more old CD Rom drives sitting around, but I will have to start a 3rd chain to add them. Now, power is becoming an issue. I wonder how many more devices I can add before I start tripping the circuit breaker for this section of the house.

Click here to give my WorkBench a peek.

If anyone has any questions or comments about Amiga programs, the Amiga in general, or programs that I recommend, I would be more than happy to lend my experience.

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