Magick Items
of Feägurth

Magic items on Feä:gurth have many different classifications. These classifications are not normally known (or even relevant) to the common person. Shek p'var recognize the difference in the item strengths, while Fyvorian & Savoryans also recognize the creators signature aura upon the items he/she created.

Creation signatures are only really relevant in specific situations. Some "specific items", "types of items", or "creator of items" are considered black market. This means that proper methods were not used, necromancy was employed (or is an end-power), the item is considered cursed, the shek p'var is evil, or any number of other archaic reasons.

Generally, Class I items are items are stronger than Class II items. Class II items are stronger than Class III items. This assumes 3 items of equal enchantment. This does not necessarily equate to higher "pluses" or a minimum rating for each class. There are +1 godsend weapons and +5 Class III items.

Feägurthian items are sorted primarily by the type of enchantment placed upon the item.

Class V - these are temporarily enchanted items. Items in this category are typically +2 or less, or possibly +3 on rare instances. Mainly created by shek p'var of mavari rank.

Class IV - these are permanently enchanted expendable items. Nearly all potions and scrolls fall into this category, as well as items created with an Indefinitacy spell. Items typically created by satia shek p'var or lower.

Class III - these are weapons, magic items, and lesser enchanted items of the normal sort. Nearly all text-book non-unique items, and all items created by shek p'var of shenava rank or lower.

Class II - these are typically referred to as "wizardblades", as most are weapons (and still more are blades), and include unique items of greater power and items created by shenava in which the shek p'var has dedicated his personal experiences and skills into the item. These items also commonly possess intelligence and speak to the owners in some manner. The Egos of normal items of this level can vary from less than the normal for a Class III item or much greater than it's powers would otherwise indicate. Only virana shek p'var are known to be able to create Class II items.

Class I - these are called "godsend" weapons. These items are deity-crafted, artifacts, natural artifact-level items, and nearly all have a special agenda. Needless to say, these are the most rare of items..