Player Character - Warriors

Warriors have a much looser association of comrades-in-arms than others (for example, shek p'var). Adventuring guilds are common on the eastern frontier and organized fighting order are more common on the western edge of the plate nearer to Cherifar (and consequently closer to the royalty).

Aventuring guilds provide the warrior players with more chances for companionship, aid, supplies, potential buyers of surplus items, healing, and many other resources. Obviously the larger eastern cities such as Shezar or Tychuss provide more services than the smaller villages and settlements like Tykaralis. Although the small villages are more often willing to exchange services or help out a fellow warrior.

On the frontier there is a standing bounty for all zun. This is usually redeemable at the nearest city. Proof of death is the severed left ear of the zun. Depending on the amount of zun activity, the bounty is between 20-100d per ear. Also, the queen's policy of disarming within all her city walls is suspended in the frontier areas. Having armed men and the normal zun activity causes many more flared tempers and unavoidable fatalities. Penalties for dueling in the east are more relaxed. If the fight was fair with seconds, the matter is considered closed. This also leads to the better swordsmen being more free to do as they please.

The Fighting Orders of the west are more knightly in nature and many warriors (mostly in the east) wonder if they have ever actually fought another man in a life or death situation. The Fighting Orders are scoffed at as nothing more than showpieces in shiny armor holding ladies hands at palace balls. This is not necessarily true, many are seasoned adventurers that have decided to "settle down" in the west.