Agrik's Symbol

Lord of the Four Horsemen,
Immortal Warlord of Balgashang,
Breeder of Plague, Squalor, and Decay,
Reasonless Reaper

Agrik's Symbol

The god Agrik is the total anthemia to the goddess Larani. He is the deity of all those who enjoy the dark side of war (pillage, cruelty, destruction, and torture). A truely pious adherent will endeavor to learn as many of the "Ten Thousand Ways" (of inflicting pain) as possible. Agrik resides in his flaming fortress Balgashang where he is attended by his V'hir. Deep within Balgashang lurks the ominous Ak-Syt, the dreaded torture chamber of Agrik, where (when not instigating a war) Agrik perfects each of his ten thousand ways.

This religion is fast becoming popular among the zun. No one is quite sure how the sub-humans have come to worshipping a typically human deity. Many Savoryans believe that a particularly resentful outcast has vowed vengeance upon his people, and is teaching the dark rites to any and all gargun that will listen. Though most sane people find this ludicrous.

The priests of Agrik's teachings are harsh and often one-sided (very one-sided), though there is a lighter side also.

The fighting orders of Agrik almost always leave the site of triumph in flames, Holy Fire. Indeed, Agrikhans are nearly inseparable from their fire. The Holy Fire is seen as a part of their deity.

Agrikhan holy days are on the 8th of every month. Their ceremonies are ritualistic and usually violent and bloody. They believe that strength rules and their many fighting orders each possess varying dogma and codes, but one predomanant figure head is the "Maparas." The Maparas is the greastest warrior of all the fighting orders of New Melderyn. He is the victor of the Pamesani game held on the Feast of the Balefire (the 8th of Agrazhar). He reigns for 1 year as an honorary VIP to be lavished and catered to during this time and then is killed when the new Maparas assumes his position.
Agrik Ceremonial Robes