Welcome to the Town of Bejish

Bejish [C3] is a small town that primarily exists because of it's location between Rendin and Kavis. Despite sitting smack in the middle of the waterway between the large cities of Thalspar and Tychuss, it's ports have never expanded beyond it's modest beginnings. It is actually quite a perplexing situation. Bejish could be a major thoroughfare for commerce. Cargo could be off-loaded from Thalspar and transported by land to either Shezar or Cherifar (both mass consuming cities). Economists say that a primary reason for the lack of interest in expanding this area is the numerous zun attacks of days long gone, and others say it is the residents desire to keep it a small town.

If you have travelled through these environs, please let the chronicler know where you stayed, what you ate, and what you did. Word of mouth travels very well, who knows, the proprietors may recompense your visits.

The town of Bejish covers an area of approximately 102 acres, with a total population of 6208 people.

Bakers8Chandlers9Hay Merchants1Pastrycooks6Tailors16
Barbers 21Chicken Butchers6Illuminators1Plasterers 4Tanners3
Bathers 1Coopers 12Inns 4Pursemakers 6Taverns19
Beer-sellers 4Copyists 1Jewelers 6Roofers 2Watercarriers9
Blacksmiths 6Cutlers 3Locksmiths 3Ropemakers 4Weavers4
Bleachers 3Doctors 3Magic Shops 1Rugmakers 4Wine-sellers10
Bookbinders 1Fishmongers 6Maidservants36Saddlers 8Woodcarvers3
Booksellers 1Furriers 38Masons 19Scabbardmakers 9Woodsellers3
Buckle Makers3Glovemakers 3Mercers 13Sculptors 3
Butchers 2Harness-makers 3Old Clothes 14Shoemakers 31
Carpenters 10Hatmakers 10Painters 2Spice Merchants6

Other: The town has 27 noble houses. The peace is kept by 31 guardsmen, and there are 12 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 176 clergymen and 6 priests.