New Melderyni Chronology
as of 1075 SA

The following is a rough chronological list of historical events. The dates are by not means exact or confirmed, but are generally agreed upon by most learned men. Only the Savoryans may know otherwise and they refuse to enlighten the rest of the plate. The New Melderyni calendar corresponds fairly closely to the standard terran counterpart.

Dates BT are Before Transport to the plateau and SA are Since Arrival to the plateau.

-1 SA100 SA300 SA 500 SA700 SA900 SA
1 SA200 SA400 SA 600 SA800 SA1000 SA

25 BTMass travelling discovered to escape the tyrannyUp
12 BT People were subtly recruited for the "trip" based on survival skills
1 SA First refugees arrived on the plateauUp
6 SA First outpost is established on Berelius Rock
204 SA Caer Berelius's construction is started (unofficially) Up
241 SA Berelius Rock declares itself a free colony
245 SA Caer Berelius's construction is completed
289 SA Berelius Colony begins to build a walled city
303 SAClock tower is erected Up
368 SA Berelius Colony declares itself as the nation of New Melderyn
381 SA Non-essential people begin arriving on New Melderyni plateau
416 SASporadic immigration of non-essential people to the table stops without warningUp
420 SAImmigration of civilians to New Melderyn resumed
426 SACity of Cherifar is declared the capital / King Balir the Bold is crowned the 1st king of New Melderyn
428 SACaer Berelius is proclaimed as Caer Cherifar
449 SAQueen Atrina the Desirable is crowned the 2nd ruler and 1st female monarch
465 SAKing Renin the Strong is crowned the 3rd ruler
471 SAFire in Great Caer Cherifar Archives destroys nearly all written records prior to this time
490 SA Immigration of people to New Melderyn completely stopped
491 SA Royal Archive ordered to be "re-written" to restore historical data
494 SAFirst written record of mysterious mental abilities of the New Melderyni people
503 SA King Azure the Complacent is crowned the 4th rulerUp
522 SAKing Forn the Traitorous is crowned the 5th ruler
535 SA King Forn is executed for treason / King Beltin the Stupid is crowned the 6th ruler
557 SAKing I'ginn the Mystical is crowned the 7th ruler
564 SA Specific Advisor Boards to the crown were established
614 SA King Tomal the Immaculate succeeds as the 8th rulerUp
631 SA King I'ginn II the Younger is crowned the 9th ruler
633 SA King I'ginn II is assassinated / Queen Genda the Beautiful is crowned the 10th ruler
675 SA King Giltur the Gallant is crowned the 11th ruler
691 SAZun horde lay siege to Cherifar
699 SAZun horde driven east in defeat
702 SA Discovery of apparently natural "baresi points"Up
704 SA First appearance of the "barrier zone" (Thesis)
746 SA King Telsir the Exuberant is crowned the 12th ruler
755 SATazmut shek p'var dismissed in disgrace from royal service
842 SAShek p'var Genin becomes an increasingly popular public personaUp
848 SAKing Anglar is crowned the 13th ruler
912 SA King Azure II the Gay is crowned the 14th rulerUp
927 SARumors of "strangers" spread throughout New Melderyn; no hard evidence ever found
929 SAGenin magically routed a second zun assault on Cherifar
931 SAKing Azure II dies / King Telsir II is crowned the 15th ruler at the age of 10.
937 SAPrince Azure III rode out to destroy the zun horde & did not return
938 SAClock tower was re-dedicated in remembrance of Genin's victory over the sub-human assault
968 SAThe honorary title, Master of the Esoteric Arts, Virana of All Shek P'var is granted to the royal vizier
972 SAQueen Atrina II is crowned the 16th ruler
998 SAExperience their first night after major quake (no official reason given)
1011 SA King Azure IV the Lazy is crowned the 17th rulerUp
1038 SAExpedition is lost in search of Prince Azure's Wayfarer sword & the Healing Hand
1053 SAQueen Atrina III the Proud is crowned the 18th ruler
1073 SATynian, a Larani paladin, is turned to stone & Shalifas, a Larani priest, received holy sword in town of Teale (which is subsequently leveled by an Agrikhan army)
1074 SA Judgement, the Larani Holy Sword, is lost and found at the end of that year by Sister Leann, a Larani priestess
1075 SAPresent campaign (IRL/ Email)