New Melderyni Live Game Transcript
Campaign year 1075 SA

This is a transcript of several live gaming sessions. The session has been compacted and die rolls omitted to keep from embarrassing the players unduly.

The Cast:

CymruA human barbarian-ish ranger.
DenzinA human Jenzig shek p'var.
Deljar DevistoA short disgusting noble that just so happens to own the Company of the Sable Sapphire.
DilinarA refugee of Teale, living off his own wiles in the woods.
DurnianA human priest of Larani.
MelanieA shy and modest shek p'var (presumably a Tazmut).
TelzayA quiet and reserved warrior type. Doesn't speak up much, unless he really disapproves of what is going on.
TookA roguish mercenary warrior and Walken's right hand man. He fancies himself a woodsman.
WalkenA seasoned human fighter mercenary and sailor of moderate abilities currently in the employ of Deljar Devisto.

The Game:

24 APR 99
The players all found themselves in the Rusty Bucket, a real lowlife dive of a tavern in the seedy district of Tychuss. C'ymru and Durnian having just gotten into town, were considering how they were going to come up with money to feed themselves. The caravan job that C'ymru had just finished was an uneventful one-way trip. Durnian had just finished his acolyte training with the Laranian Order of the Checkered Shield at Shezar. Both had conversed on the road and found each other's company interesting. They had unspokenly decided that they would try to get work together to see if this newfound friendship panned out.

Also, in this particular dive for the first time was a fledling Jenzig named Denzin. He and his buddy Zarnon were already speaking of the future. Denzin tried to sway his friend to come adventure with him to truely explore and freely use the skills they had been tought. Zarnon's philosophy on life was "If a monstrous fireball was cast in a forest and no one was there to see the blast, what's the point."

The bard was playing, to put it mildly, a tad off-key. C'ymru and Durnian decided to check the posted job notices. They began to notice a very disturbing trend in the job offers. All of them required an Adventurers' License. Those licenses are not cheap and Durnian did not possess one.

A short messy looking middle-aged nobleman burst into the tavern, "I need nine or ten adventurers willing to depart tonight on high tide for a mission of the utmost importance." C'ymru, Durnian, and Denzin were the only takers, and to show just how desperate this nobleman was, he upfronted the money to get Durnian and Denzin an Adventurers' License. The party only had the remainder of the day to prepare.

The party joined up at the docks to board the ship. The ship looked dark and barely seaworthy. The nobleman, Deljar DeVisto, introduced the party to the team lead Walken, the first mate Telzay, the team scout Took, and resident shek p'var Melanie. There they signed the Company contract. The mission is to make contact with another party of Deljar's and to return with a map of a supposed Zun enemy camp.

08 MAY 99
The party settles in on the boat and sails east to fulfill the mission. The party gets to know each other and learn some sailing basics. The boat turns out to be deliberately kept to look ran down, but is infact a surprisingly seaworthy. The journey to the east coast takes a scant 2 days, most of this due to the fact that no one sails much at night (for reasons the sailors refuse to discuss).

Walken gets the party to the predetermined landing site without a problem. The party disembarks on several small dingies. After making landfall and hiding the dingies and their tracks, the party sups before heading out into the wilderness. After a mere three hours into the forest, C'ymru smells smoke and turns to see a large column of smoke from direction of the lake. The party hastily returns to see the boat completely engulfed in flames and ready to sink at any point. Durnian and Denzin check for magic, but do not detect any within range (and unfortunately the boat is not within range either). The general consensus was that it was too dangerous to try to get close enough to the boat to investigate further. C'ymru notices several circular "campfire" pits, and after careful examination by everyone, the party decides there is nothing they can do and head back into the forest.

After several days of tedious travel through the dense vegitation, the party begins to feel the forest is becoming increasingly quiet. That night while maintaining a cold camp, the party hears someone fleeing through the woods. C'ymru apprehends the individual and brings him to camp. This wild looking man appeared to be barely in control of his senses and responded only moderately well to questioning.

22 MAY 99
Finally, a calm chaos is performed on the stranger. He reveals himself as Dilinar. He was traveling with the Company of the Sable Scarab when they were ambushed by a rutheless band of Zun. These Zun actually used poison needles to drug the company so that they could torture them. Dilinar was the only known survivor and refuses to return the scene of the massacre. Durnian manages to explain that he will be safest with the party and that they will be returning to Tychuss immediately after.

The site of the massacre was jsut as Dilinar had described it, except for one point. There were not enough bodies. There was blood enough to verify that a large scale scurmish had indeed taken place, but only two bodies remained and both were human. One was pinned to a tree and had been tortured. The other was apparently the Savoryan telepath that had alerted Deljar. The telepath's body was examined and no map was found.

C'ymru heard the sounds of an infant crying. His elven ears lead him to the unconscious body of a female Zun and her infant. Short work was made of the two and the bodies were searched by the party. Footfalls were heard in the underbrush. The party looked around to see about a dozen zombies with vine-covered clubs approaching. A fight was inevitable.

05 JUN 99
Canceled due to meeting schedule conflicts.