New Melderyni Email Game Transcript
Campaign year 1075 SA

This is a transcript of several email gaming sessions. The session has been compacted and die rolls omitted. Keep in mind that the exact number of players is secret. The players do not know each other and do not know who is a player nor who is a non-player.

The Cast:

Caledon A lone-cloaked figure with his hood hiding most of his features, preventing all from getting a good look. To your surprise you discover he wears the robes of an acolyte of Larani. This Laranian is a 5'10" half-elven man that seems to be more comfortable with his blade, than his young age would imply.
Farlont A tall medium built, musclular warrior with dark brown hair and a near-single eyebrow. He has been accused of having a zun in his ancestry, which one can only hope is true. No man should have such an unattractive face naturally. He seems to carry himself as more of brawler than a true fighter. Much of this is due to his crude weaponry, namely his massive spiked great war club, and hide-ish armor.
Kendervon This young 4'3" elf with white hair possesses purplish near glowing eyes, that seems to pierce everyone right down to the soul. He wears black rune-scribed robes rustle slightly as he moves. His pale skin and white hair almost make him appear to be an albino Drow, but that couldn't be the case.
Kiranyan Kiranyon is of average height among the rest of his brothers, blending in with the crowd in every way... save the reddish-brown scar that traced downward from his left eye. That is, he blends into the crowd just like every other Jenzig sporting a cocky attitude and a blazing Jenzig ensignia on their cloak.
Pheylin You see before you, a boyishly handsome slender youth, not more than 16 years of age. He has a light tan complexion, piercing deep blue eyes, and unruly short brown hair. He is dressed all in brown: a long dark brown overtunic, lighter brown leggings, and soft brown shoes. His overtunic is marked in the upper right-hand corner with the small symbol of a sword pointing downwards on a vertically divided half-red/half-white diamond (the symbol of Larani). A well-worn leather cord hangs around his neck, holding a small, round object tucked into his tunic that is noticeable only by it's slightly discernable bulge.
Shaizan Appears as a relatively tall human with a narrow face and dark brown hair. His clothing of choice is a robe of deep violet with gold trim. Underneath, he often wears a royal blue tunic and trousers.
Shameron At first glance, Shameron appears to be elven, but upon closer inspection, one finds themselves wondering who her parents were. She is of medium build, but has rather muscular arms (for a female). Her features are striking, but she is not beautiful in the classic sense. She has rather unusual milky white, almost cream colored hair that flows down her back stopping just a few inches from her waist. A leather strap is intertwined with her loosely braided hair and two feathers are tied to the strap at the end of the braid. Her elven ears are barely discernable through the hair she wears over them. Her dark brown (almost black) eyebrows are a startling contrast to her light colored hair. Her emerald green eyes are slightly almond shaped with long dark brown lashes. Her skin is very tan which is rare for a elf. She is wearing a forest green tunic with an off white chemise shirt underneath. She has light brown leggings and soft leather moccasins. She has studded leather armor and is also wearing a dark green cloak.
Varlus To look at Varlus, you immediately recognize him as a shek p'var, Peleahn to be exact. Every aspect of his contenance says he is a Peleahn, from the typical conservative white Peleahn robes, to the short monk-ish bowl cut of his brown hair, to the complete lack of physical presence. Just as Jenzig stand out in a crowd, he seems to almost beg to be ignored.
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