Player Character - Rogues

I'd like to share some info, but the lia-kavair would have to hire an assassin to silence the link.. and then there is all that paperwork.. and all the mess to clean up.. On second thought.. I better not say anything yet.

Well, ok. Whiskey always gets me to spill a bit more information. Now, this is strictly between you and me. The lia-kavair, or as some so crassly call it "the guild", varies widely from one place to another on the plate. The lia-kavair has next to no dealings in the smaller towns like Hulore and can start minor wars in larger cities such as Cherifar.

Generally in the eastern cities the undesirables tend to stick together more than the west. In Shezar and Tychuss there are rumored to only be one lia-kavair. Any upstart guild are summarily crushed in most unpleasant manners.

The west is dog eat dog. The larger cities are far far more ruthless, Cherifar quite possibly being the worst. The capital city has a serious serious problem with it's underground citizenry. Cherifar has no fewer than eight to ten districts. These districts are constantly warring. The stories that can be told from these trenches would curl the hair on the back of your head. These districts are only as strong as it's membership. When a rogue with promising gifts shows himself, everyone wants him to be a member. This popularity is not necessarily a good thing, for it quickly goes sour.

"How bad can it really be?" you say? Did you know that psychic and post-mortem interrogation can get you a death sentence? Oh yes, my friend. In Cherifar, mind-shielding devices are scarce and very expensive and bodies turn up with throats terribly slashed.

It is your choice, my friend. But, I would think carefully about the profession you choose. Now if you will excuse me, I must go. I have said too much already.