Feägurth Play-By-EMail (PBEM)
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Introduction / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v1.6

Last Updated 14 Mar 2016 - FAQ Maintained by Avathar (mailto:[email protected])

This e-mail FAQ will attempt to answer any initial questions the players of the Feägurth PBEM RPG might have, as well as provide information helpful for playing the game. The contents of this message will later be posted on the Feägurth web site for reference (and possibly other locations like individual players web pages).

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1.1 - What is Feägurth?

Feägurth is a world created by Avathar, but strongly based on Columbia Games world of Hârn. The game system is based primarily on TSR's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) 2nd Edition rules and the recent Player's Options rules, however the magic system has been significantly modified (see magic mechanics).

The word Feägurth means "true spirit". The "true spirit" concept isprevalent in many fantasy novels. The "true spirit"is a soul/being/item(?) that the laws of reality (fate, coincidence, chance, etc.) seem to alter, twist, or simply break down around. In Feägurth, these altered probabilities cannot be counted upon or in any way anticipated (for example, to save one's life or find a lost friend). It is just an increased likelihood that something will more than likely occur around/to these individuals.

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1.2 - Who is Avathar?

Avathar Tirinth Valcana (or Avathar for short) is the Dungeon Master (DM) and creator of the Feägurth world. He is also known as Steve Kile IRL (In Real Life), killer DM, and a few other things I can't mention without using adult check to verify your age<g>.

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1.3 - Where is the Official Feägurth web site?

The Feagurth web site is located at http://www.feagurth.net and is currently maintained by Steve Kile.

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1.4 - What information can we get from the Official web site? Do we have to read it all?

Actually, there is quite a bit of information located on the Feägurth web site. Items of particular interest include the brief overview of the world at https://www.feagurth.net/General/Prologue2.HTML, a rough campaign outline at https://www.feagurth.net/Campaign/Outline.HTML, and the atlas at https://www.feagurth.net/Locales.

As far as reading it all, no it is not necessary. However, as in many things, the more you know the better off you may be. I would strongly recommend that all spell users (mage and cleric types) read the magic mechanics located at https://www.feagurth.net/Campaign/MagickMechanics.HTML This is the most major deviation from TSR AD&D 2nd Ed rules, and if you are a spell caster, this is the system you will need to know to understand how your spell casting will work.

There is also a small page on house rules located at https://www.feagurth.net/Campaign/HouseRules.HTML. This will document any rules specific to Avathar's campaign.

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2.1 - How does a PBEM game work?

A PBEM game is played mostly like a standard Role-Playing game played around a table, with some exceptions. Basically, for those who have not played PBEM games before, there are some disadvantages and advantages over typical RPGs played sitting around the table.

The major disadvantage is time. Because this is not played real time, the game world time will pass much slower than if everyone was sitting around the table. Since information has to be sent multi-directional to all players and responses have to be received, the PBEM game time will lag somewhat. Depending on the combat rules, a single combat could take as long as a month to complete (don't panic... Feagurth combat won't take that long).

The major advantages to PBEM are time and role-playing. I know I just stated that the slow turns and turn-around are a disadvantage, but it is also an advantage for those who are short on time. Since this is via e-mail, you won't have to adjust schedules to meet for a typical 4-8 hour gaming session. In addition, because the turns move slower, frequently player interaction with each other and Non-Player Characters (NPCs) tends to be greater. Thus, the role-playing aspect gains from the slower turn interval.

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2.2 - What is the frequency of turns in the Feägurth PBEM?

"Official turns" in Feägurth are due not later than midnight (Hawaii Standard Time - HST) every Friday night. Initially turns will be processed and new information will be sent out by the DM before Monday. Players are expected to post turns regularly at least once per week. If you have nothing to say or do for your "official turn", post anyway, stating that there is nothing new for your character.

"Unofficial turns" are any other inputs or communications, not directly relating to the "official turn". This could be anything like interparty communications, questions to the DM, general in character observations, etc.

If you will be temporarily unable to post, such as for a vacation, send a post letting everyone know when you will be gone and when you will be back.

If you decide you no longer wish to participate, please let the DM know so your character can be appropriately separated from the rest of the party and retired from the campaign.

A player who has not been heard from for two full weeks is subject to having their character temporarily become an NPC. A player who is not heard from for three weeks forfeits control permanently at the DMs option.

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2.3 - How should Feägurth PBEM turns be formatted?

The format of turns presented here is merely to simplify the legibility of your inputs. If the format is not followed, I won't come to your house and kill your rabbit, it's just easier if you do.

The subject line should contain the word [BALEFIRE]and then either an ALL if it is to be sent to all players, a DM if it is for the DM's eyes only, or the character names (seperated by a space) if it is to only specific character(s) like a whispered conversation.

Basically, the turn format is as follows:

The first line in the test box should identify the player character (the player character enclosed in asterisks (**). In character speech is typed normally in quotes (""). Character actions are typed normally. Out Of Character (OOC) questions or comments (usually to the DM... including necessary game mechanics) are typed within square brackets ([]). Also, separating speech from actions and OOC improve legability.  Here is an example turn from Bozo the Bright:

To: Balefire DM

From: [email protected]

Subj: [BALEFIRE] - All

*Bozo the Bright*
Bozo the Bright looks upon the giant rabid flying squirrel with great fear as he draws his trout of +1 slapping. Drawing a great breath, he yells out:

"Rocky, you flying rat, you killed my father. Prepare to die."

[DM - I'm going to cast a spell of summoning to gate in Natisha and Boris to help me...]

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2.4 - How often do I have to check my e-mail?

This is a tricky question. To participare in the game, you are only required to check your e-mail once per week and send in a turn response. However, if you only do this you will be missing the best parts of the game (IMHO)... the role-playing. My advise is to check your e-mail as often as possible and reply as much as you are willing.  The more role-playing and character interaction, the better the game will be in the long run.

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3.1 - This FAQ didn't answer my question...

If this is the case, browse around the Feägurth web site (https://www.feagurth.net) to see if you can find it there. If you can't, feel free to send your questions to me (mailto:[email protected]).

If a question is asked enough, and is relevant to the game it will be added to this FAQ.

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3.2 - Feägurth PBEM FAQ Revision History

Version 1.0 - First revision baseline.

Version 1.1 - Added internal document links and modified some questions.

Version 1.2 - Updated the turn format to help identify the player character sending and clarified OOC comments.

Version 1.3 - Minor corrections.

Version 1.4 - URL changes.

Version 1.5 - URL & email address changes.

Version 1.6 - URL fixes.

Enjoy the game.

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