World of Feägurth
Campaign Outline

    1. Campaign
      1. following the Advanced Dungeons & Dragon 2nd Edition rules
        1. most experience with this version
        2. all books are available digitally on the web
        3. prefer customizible player characters
      2. 4-8 player characters more or less
      3. moderate magic (at first)
      4. high fantasy (versus high realism)
    1. Players will receive experience points for:
      1. role playing their characters (be specific in battles please)
      2. use of class skills
      3. use of race skills
      4. original ideas & problem solving
      5. money gotten (1xp/50d)
      6. proficiency use
      7. psionic use
      8. other game contributions
      9. experience will be normally be given as "On-The-Job" advancement (with exceptions)
    1. PCs discussing information their characters don't know will be penalized
    2. Player's Handbook & Rule Supplement books are the only books allowed in the gaming session (unless DM approved)
      1. core books
        Player's Handbook
        Tome of Magic
        Arms And Equipment Guide
        Player's Option-Combat and Tactics
        Player's Option-Skills and Powers
        Player's Option-Spells and Magic
        Psionics Handbook
      2. race handbooks
        Complete Dwarves Handbook
        Complete Elves Handbook
        Complete Gnomes and Halflings Handbook
        Complete Humanoids Handbook
      3. class handbooks
        Complete Bards Handbook
        Complete Druids Handbook
        Complete Fighters Handbook
        Complete Necromancers Handbook
        Complete Paladins Handbook
        Complete Priests Handbook
        Priests Spell Compendium Vol 1
        Priests Spell Compendium Vol 2
        Priests Spell Compendium Vol 3
        Complete Rangers Handbook
        Complete Shamans Handbook
        Complete Thiefs Handbook
        Complete Wizards Handbook
        Wizards Spell Compendium Vol1
        Wizards Spell Compendium Vol2
        Wizards Spell Compendium Vol3
        Wizards Spell Compendium Vol4
      4. NOT every section of every handbook is going to be allowed/used necessarily (check with DM)
    1. Heavy stress on CREATIVITY
      1. PCs may design own class kits (DM's discretion)
      2. PCs may design own non-weapon proficiencies (DM's discretion)
      3. mages/priests may design original specialist classes and spell schools
    1. Character History
      1. PCs will be asked to create personal history up to current age & start of game
      2. xp will be awarded for effort
    1. No MONTY HAULism will be tolerated. Players who insist on this type of play will be dealt with heavily.
    2. The DM is reasonable, BUT it is his world and what he says goes.
    1. Ability Scores
      1. all scores will be 8 initially
      2. 36 points will be added as desired by the PC
      3. all scores must meet racial minimums & maximums
      4. racial modifiers may be applied
      5. fighter percentile strength will be rolled by the DM (best of 3 rolls) and may be modified +10% per one point used
      6. no scores over 19 (unless DM given)
      7. no "burning" allowed
      8. Charisma- Max Henchmen will be allies that do not necessarily stay with the party
    1. Alignments Allowed
      1. any alignment may be chosen
      2. Good alignments are always preferable
    1. Armor Class
      1. chainmail & shield will be the maximum allowed initially
      2. mages may wear padded armor or none (without penalty)
    1. Classes Allowed
      1. all standard classes are allowed
      2. kits are allowed (with restrictions)
      3. successful magic or psionics require a check
      4. nonstandard combinations require DM approval
      5. mages
        1. receive detect magic, read magic, & 5 1st level spells (known without having to roll a % chance to know)
        2. spell casters are expected to have the necessary spell components
        3. specialist mages are common (except necromancers which are outlawed)
        4. generalist mages are very rare at best (and often suffer hardships, such as finding spells)
        5. use a spell fatigue system (spell points)
        6. spell rolls can be modified (pre-roll)
      1. priests (major recognized dieties)
        1. Agrik- god of war, destruction and fire
          (requires non-prof: Herbalism, & Religion, free: Dancing)
        2. Halea- goddess of pleasure, hedonism, flattery, bargains, & lust
          (requires non-prof: Herbalism, & Religion, free: Dancing)
        3. Ilvir- god of individuality, mutability, and change
          (requires non-prof: Herbalism, & Religion, free: PCs choice 1 slot)
        4. Larani- goddess of chivalry, honor, justice, protection, and bravery
          (requires non-prof: Set Snares, & Religion, free: Blind Fighting)
        5. Morgath- god of chaos, evil, undead, and vengeance
          (requires non-prof: Herbalism, & Religion, free: Dancing)
        6. Naveh- god of nightmares, darkness, thieves, and assassins
          (requires non-prof: Herbalism, & Religion, free: Dancing)
        7. Peoni- goddess of healing, marriage, mercy, & curative magic
          (requires non-prof: Herbalism, & Religion, free: Healing)
        8. Sarajin- god of battlelust, fearlessness, bravado, and "sport" of war
          (requires non-prof: Herbalism, & Religion, free: Dancing)
        9. Save-K'nor- god of guidance, knowledge, education, legends, & information
          (requires non-prof: Direction Sense, & Religion, free: Ancient History)
        10. Siem- god of outdoors, illusion, dwarves, and elves
          (requires non-prof: Herbalism, & Religion, free: Dancing)
        11. use a spell fatigue system (spell points)
        12. spell rolls can be modified (pre-roll)
      1. psionicists
        1. straight classes allowed
        2. all normal multi-class cominations are allowed up to a 3 class maximum
        3. all non-psionicist PCs can elect to have a random (DM determined) 'wild talent'
    1. Encumbrance
      1. PCs must know how much is carried & where
      2. PCs must know their STR weight allowance
      3. will not be strictly adhered to, but will be used
    1. Gold- initial starting
      1. warriors- 175 gp
      2. wizards- 40 gp
      3. rogues- 100 gp
      4. priests- 160 gp
      5. psionicists- 60 gp
      6. multi-class PCs will take the single best amount of all their classes (no one should have more than 175 gp)
    1. Hitpoints- initial starting
      1. maximum hitpoints at first level per class
      2. divide hitpoints by the number of classes
      3. add CON bonus (if any)
    1. Levels
      1. new level skills will be gained immediately upon receiving enough xp (as OJT)
      2. multi-class characters will keep one xp total representing all classes
        1. when 1 class reaches a new level roll appropriate HD
        2. add CON bonus (if any)
        3. divide by the number of classes
        4. numbers will be rounded up for the quicker advancing class and rounded down for the slower
    1. Proficiencies, Non-weapon
      1. not allowed- astrology, charioteering, mountaineering, navigation, riding airborne, & seamanship
      2. free for all- reading/writing, Melderynese, & etiquette
      3. also available- alertness, bargain, boating, bribery, Psionic Detection, Sign Language, & Somatic Concealment (from the thief & castle supplements and Dark Sun rules)
      4. extra language slots may be used for extra non-weapon or weapon prof. slots
      5. categories outside character class cost 1 additional slot
    1. Proficiencies, Weapon
      1. blades longer than shortswords are not allowed unless PC belongs to the City Guard (PCs option)
      2. speed factors will be used
    1. Psionicists
      1. ability requirements: CON: 11; INT: 12; WIS: 15
      2. alignments allowed: non-chaotic
      3. THAC0: as per thief
      4. weapons allowed: small bows & crossbows, daggers, hand axes, horseman's mace or pick, scimitar, short sword, & war hammer
      5. armor allowed: padded, studded leather, leather, or hide
      6. proficiencies
        1. weapon: 2 init; 1/5 levels; -4 penalty
        2. non-weapon: 3 initial; 1/3 levels
      1. non-weapon proficiency list
        1. gem cutting cost 2 DEX -2
        2. harness subconscious cost 2 WIS -1 (rec)
        3. hypnosis cost 1 CHA -2
        4. rejuvenation cost 1 WIS -1 (rec)
        5. meditative focus cost 1 WIS +1 (rec)
        6. musical instrument cost 1 DEX -1
        7. reading/writing cost 0 INT +1 (free)
        8. religion cost 1 WIS +0
      1. PSP (psionic strength points)
        1. calculation: 1st level 20 PSP + 2 PSP per point of WIS over 15
        2. add ability factor (INT + WIS + CON)/3 per level after 1st
        3. points are recovered per turn for psionicists and per hour for wild talents
      1. initial defense mode is mind blank
      2. all psionic powers are to be approved by the DM
    1. Races Allowed
      1. any normally allowed are found in the campaign
      2. demi-humans in small numbers
      3. human, half-elven, & elf make up the majority
      4. racial limits will be observed
    1. Topography
      1. mountain plateau - approx. 600 mi x 400 mi oval
      2. mostly flatlands with hilly regions
      3. surrounded by un-descendible cliffs
        1. few have tried to descend
        2. no one is known to have ever returned
        3. some natural barrier (buffer zone) exists that does not allow people to approach closer than 100 yards to the cliffs (does not apply in Cherifar)
    1. Weather
      1. temperature is between 55 & 75 degrees most of the year
      2. rarely rains, hails, snows, etc.
      3. crops are irrigated from the rivers
      4. always a light breeze
    1. Hardly Ever See
      1. clouds in the sky (always see them below ground level at the cliff's edges)
      2. dragons or giants (heard legends of)
      3. large flying predators
    1. East end of the Plateau
      1. dense forest & hills
      2. no New Melderyni settlements
      3. humanoid monsters (some in large bands)
    1. Middle of the Plateau
      1. some dense forest, mostly light forest
      2. some New Melderyni settlements & towns
      3. Lake Serenity - largest lake on the plateau
    1. West end of the Plateau
      1. low rolling hills, sparse forest, farmlands
      2. many small New Melderyni towns and cities
      3. Capital City of Cherifar
    1. City of Cherifar
      1. pop. 98,000 (1/3 are demi-human)
      2. on the far western edge of the plateau
      3. very few NPCs above 8th level
      4. Clock Tower of Genin
        1. one of the oldest buildings in Cherifar
        2. named after Genin (a mage) who routed a humanoid army
        3. establishes the 24 hour day cycle
      1. Caer Cherifar
        1. oldest building
        2. Queen Atrina's residence (current monarch)
        3. walled palace with outer walls circling Cherifar
        4. approx. 5 floors high
        5. castle is set on the largest hill in the west
      1. Populous
        1. generally of good alignments
        2. view psionicists as sages, rogues as scouts, mages as advisors, priests as doctors, and warriors as protectors
    1. Legends
      1. every 360 days, a 5 day festival is held to celebrate New Melderyn's survival & Genin's deliverance
      2. mage Genin saved the city and the Clock Tower was renamed in his honor
      3. mind eaters were destroyed decades ago, but there are those who doubt
      4. people saved from an evil ruler and transported by a powerful mage to New Melderyn
      5. Prince Azure III rode out to destroy the humanoid army and never returned
      6. seventy-five years ago the plateau suddenly received it's first night, few remember when it happened or why
      7. a mad Odivshe terrorised the plate and may still exist
    1. Money
      1. runs on the silver standard, if you want to find the price using the Player's Handbook, convert any gold cost to silver and that is the price in drams
      2. 1 gold Crown is worth approximately 320 drams (silver)
    1. If you do happen to get a Wish, the following apply:
      1. Vague wishes will be interpreted the same way.
      2. One wish will provide one result.
      3. Magic items/money/experience generally cannot be gotten.
    2. Unconsciousness results at "0" hit points, and death at "-10"
    3. New optional hindrances from the Skills and Powers books will be used.
    4. Players found cheating will be dealt with harshly by the fates.
    5. Player character races are not the only ones with the capacity to be able to advance in classes.