The Bard's Corner

The tavern is decidedly dark in contrast to the doorway. Through the smoke of tabac and over the voice's of many patrons can be heard the stories and rhymes of many a roving minstrel. Even the serving wenches stop midway through an order to catch a particular bit of lore. The bard is bowing as the applause roars.

"Are there any requests?

Assassin's Side Look on the darker side of life.
Career's End Even assassins have a softer side, though I don't know if anyone has actually seen it. This shows one particular killer's.
Epitaph Creagan was known to as a ravager of worlds, if he even existed. This text has been passed down from generation to generation as a warning against his return.
For Love Romance is alive, this is a short poem about her.
Imagination Many people don't understand the need to create or express themselves. For me, imagination is a necessity.
Love Denied The other side of romance is the love never realized, or even the a love denied.
Love is a Unicorn We all know love when we see it.
Mi Amor Here is my attempt at a love poem in Spanish.
Ode to Creagan He was a bad ass, what else can be said?
Ode to a Dungeoneer Exploring is not always what it's cracked up to be, this is a classic example.
Ode to Pelril This is a short tribute to a simple yet insightful half-elf.
The Thief A thief ponders his job.
Trapped When lost within a dungeon, one finds plenty of time to write about it on paper.
Unknown Riddle Found on a scroll in a long lost treasure trove, this poem has been the debate of many a Savoryan.

Well, what's your pleasure?"